The code of conduct of Content5

Code of Conduct

We aspire to offer our clients the best products and services of the highest quality, guaranteeing the transparency of our sources and methods of information research. Furthermore, we see our work in a larger context that comprises a respectful and fair coexistence as well as responsible and lawful conduct.

Thus, we have developed a code of conduct that defines the areas in which our work must be measured:

  • High-quality and transparent ways of working
  • Respectful ways of dealing with colleagues, clients and third parties
  • Taking responsibility for the reputation of Content5
  • Professional responsibility
  • Open door policy

The code of conduct is the basis for the ways in which our employees deal with one another. It is also the basis for our relationships with both clients and other third parties involved in our work.

We only employ professionals who are highly qualified and have integrity. These professionals guarantee the preservation of our high standards and make an effort to support our goal of developing long-term relationships based on partnership.

In the event that you have questions about our code of conduct, please contact Nadja Schorowsky.