Sales Management magazine shows how knowledge management can be useful for sales productivity

The importance of structured knowledge management in relation to the increase of sales productivity is demonstrated in an article in Sales Management magazine. Company growth takes place through the targeted positioning of the company’s own products, through the expansion of the company’s own goods or portfolio of services and/or through the development of new markets. In order to avoid experiencing any unpleasant surprises such as unexpected certification requirements, many things must be considered in advance. What are the political parameters? How do the competitors position themselves? How does the media perceive the company and its competitors?

All of these examples of questions can be answered by an external knowledge service provider. Additionally, this can be done in many languages that the employees of the company have not mastered. As a result, the knowledge service provider provides the company with a clear and unbiased report, which serves as a solid decision-making basis for a strategically prepared entry into the market. Using this report, company managers can choose their strategies and raise the productivity of the company.