An article about knowledge process outsourcing contributed by Content5 is featured in wissensmanagement magazine

This issue focuses on the topic of Industry 4.0 and how dealing with knowledge on a 4.0 level can be improved. This is where Content5 and knowledge process outsourcing come into play. All companies are confronted with an overflow of information. There is too much information, and there are too many sources. The internal processing of everything must be accomplished more quickly. Internal employees are overwhelmed and the search for information surpasses their research abilities and time constraints. This results in them neglecting either the acquisition of information or the further processing of information – in other words, they are neglecting the purpose of their own professions.

Knowledge service providers such as Content5 take over the quest for information on behalf of companies: they insert themselves in the companies, sort through relevant information for the companies and prepare this information in a structured manner. The internal employees concentrate on strategically processing this information – knowledge on a 4.0 level!