Senior Management

Markus Hoffmann

Born in Landshut, Markus Hoffmann studied business administration and psychology in Regensburg after finishing his A-levels at the Landshuter Hans-Leinberger Gymnasium. He graduated in 2000/2001 with a “Diplom” degree in business and psychology.

During his studies, he engaged in freelance work in the area of Internet research and Internet/P.R. consulting. Through the foundation of Content5 AG together with two partners in 2002, he has been working professionally in these fields with a business model based on knowledge service provision and knowledge process outsourcing.

Nadja Schorowsky

Nadja Schorowsky’s studies brought her from the Ruhrgebiet to Konstanz, Bologna and Coleraine (Northern Ireland). After earning her “Diplom”, she rounded out her studies in the management sciences with a complimentary postgraduate course of study in finance and public law at the Speyer School for Administration.

After working at a consulting company, Nadja Schorowsky attained a position at Content5, where she is currently a member of the management. Her work is focused on personal and intelligence services (research & analysis, monitoring & reporting).

Research Team

Our research analysts are at the heart of our company. All of them – from our junior researchers to our senior researchers and project managers – have an academic degree. Having studied in various disciplines, the quality of their research is ensured by their diverse perspectives within their specialisations.

The members of our various teams are specialised in diverse areas and are proficient in many languages. They have the knowledge and experience it takes to be able to research questions in a targeted manner and prepare accurate results for our clients.

C5 Network

Additionally, we have developed an international team of experts and a network of partners. In this way, we can take advantage of the linguistic expertise and country-specific knowledge of our experts and partners in over 50 countries. Our foci include the countries of the EU, Eastern Europe and Russia, and North and South America as well as various countries in Asia. Some of our experts have spent the better part of their lives in their countries of specialty.

Markus Hoffmann, founder and CEO of Content5
Nadja Schorowsky, Director Intelligence Services of Content5