For a consulting company, Content5 creates a database on the topic of autonomous driving.

Information landscape for the consulting sector

For a consulting company, Content5 creates an information landscape on the topic of autonomous driving. This contains the current status of technology and legislation, the current key players, society’s acceptance of the topic at the moment as well as perspectives for the future. All of the topics are – in contrast to stakeholder and market analysis – only touched upon. Content5 enters the resulting information landscape into a database and continuously updates this information. All of the information entered into the system is then adjusted to the correct language and presented in a unified format.

The value of this project: With the information landscape, the consulting company has a new tool at hand. This tool can serve as an independent basis of knowledge as well as a customer acquisition tool. All of the contents are supported by the database, which is always kept current and is attractively designed. This makes it easy for those unfamiliar with the topic to quickly gain an overview of the information.