Through continuous market monitoring, Content5 makes market developments and trends visible.

Market Monitoring

By continuously monitoring the market, we keep you posted about current developments in your markets. Through continuous market observation, we make market developments and trends visible and give you inspiration for innovation as well as the basis for making operational and strategic decisions. Likewise, the focus can be placed on monitoring products or services in order to track changes in supply and demand.

With our language, country and industry expertise, we are able to cover markets in different regions of the world. Through a personal consultation with you, we define the relevant sources for the collection of data: free-access information from the press, social media, market and industry magazines and company websites as well as non-public information from paid databases. We also provide information through live research, such as trade fair visits or interviews with experts. We adjust the frequency (daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly, etc.) and the ways (newsletter / report / excel tables, etc.) in which we monitor the market according to your individual requirements.