Content5's stakeholder monitoring provides up-to-date overviews of stakeholders and their positions.

Stakeholder Monitoring

The management of stakeholders is becoming an increasingly important factor for success, and this is not only in the context of complex large-scale projects. Our monitoring provides you with an up-to-date overview of stakeholders critical to your success and their positions with regard to your organisation and your tasks. Working together with you, we define the relevant stakeholders from policy, business, and civil society. Our professional and seamless monitoring provides you with an up-to-date and structured basis of information for your decisions.

Another advantage is that we can observe stakeholders from different regions of the world through our language, country, and industry expertise. In consultation with you, we provide freely accessible information from the press, policy, social media, and market and industry magazines as well as non-public information from paid databases. We adjust the frequency (daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly) and the format (newsletter / report / Excel tables) of stakeholder monitoring to fit your individual needs.