In arena analysis, Content5 systematically develops the climate of companies, institutions, or policy decisions.

Arena analyses

In arena analysis, we systematically develop the climate of companies, institutions, projects or policy decisions based on the following areas of policy: policy & administration, market & competition, media & web 2.0, science & technology, and civil society & NGOs. As a result, you will become familiar with the relevant framework conditions for your project and will thus be able to adjust your positioning strategy, project communication or stakeholder dialogue accordingly.

The arena analysis combines two products: issue analysis and stakeholder analysis. Issue analysis covers the socio-political environment, including current topics, the economic environment or important appointments related to the job object. Stakeholder analysis identifies key stakeholders in the field, illuminates their networks, and researches their positions on your project. In addition, stakeholder analysis assesses whether the stakeholders will potentially have a positive or a negative impact on the progress of your project.