In the competitor analysis, Content5 systematically identifies and evaluates companies in a defined market.

Competitor analyses

In the competitor analysis, we systematically and graphically identify and evaluate companies and their products in a defined market. Supported by relevant trade journals, specialised databases for business information, trade associations and official sources (for example, press releases or business reports), we assemble the key business figures of relevant companies including their market shares and sales performance. Then we report the strengths and weaknesses of these companies in a SWOT analysis and compare them with the respective strategic business objectives. We also analyse their products and compare these products with customer products.

With these methods, you will receive the results of the complete competitor analysis, in which we have placed your company in direct comparison with your competitors and shown you various possible courses of action. Of course, we are happy to coordinate the key questions and the depth of research in market surveys with you individually.


Here you can find an example of our work in practice.