The market analysis of Content5 delivers a market overview that can support strategic market decisions.

Market analyses

In a market analysis, we use qualitative and quantitative methods to collect market volumes, market segments and structures, and market developments and potential. We identify market drivers, barriers to market entry, possible weaknesses as well as chances and risks (SWOT analysis). We also deliver an overview of key players in your shares of the market with our market research. New developments (mergers, acquisitions, identification of rising stars) can also be taken into account upon request. Additionally, we include relevant contextual factors that go beyond the traditional market report.

You will receive a complete market overview that can support your strategic market decisions – from setting up a business plan to the reorientation of a business division and investment possibilities or the search for partners. Of course, we are happy to coordinate the key questions and the depth of research in market surveys with you individually.


Here you can find an example of our work in practice.