Content5 offers quantitative as well as qualitative media response analyses.

Media response analyses

Quantitative media response analysis

A quantitative media response analysis gives you sound information on how often a key word – pertaining to a company, a certain product, or a person – is picked up in print and online media (as well as social media). This observation over a longer period of time is just as possible as a short-term analysis of current media coverage. This tool is suitable for a continual monitoring of the success of your own public relations or public affairs activities. It also includes possible changes in the media coverage. This can also be followed by an ad hoc analysis of media coverage (for example, in the event of a possible crisis).

Qualitative media response analysis

Qualitative media response analysis expands the traditional media evaluation that has been based on a system of indicators encompassing concrete content-related aspects. The analysis works out which stakeholders, events and emphases are deciding factors in the news coverage, in which content-related context a company appears and how a company’s position is rated within a field as well as in comparison to competitors. In this way, factors such as gaps in individual positioning and – following this – starting points for the optimisation of the media and public perception can be identified.