A stakeholder analysis from Content5 delivers information on relevant stakeholders and their positions.

Stakeholder analyses

As a general rule, business decisions do not concern only the company itself. In bigger projects in the public sphere, stakeholders and representatives have an influence. Additionally, in discussions about new laws and regulations, it can be a determining factor to know the relevant decision makers and their positions.

In both cases, a stakeholder analysis from Content5 delivers the necessary background information, informing you about which stakeholders are relevant for your project and which positions they occupy in relation to your plans. When it is required, we check all of the surrounding fields – from policy & management to market & competition, media & Web 2.0, science & technology, and civil society & NGOs – and include the relevant stakeholders and their positions. The stakeholder analysis also covers the balance of power between the significant decision makers, gives insights into (including informal) networks and allows for conclusions to be drawn about the potential influence of individuals.

Thus, the stakeholder analysis serves as a traditional basis for project communication, which helps to identify and address project-relevant stakeholders.


Here you can find an example of our work in practice.