Content5's offer for the automotive industry

More horsepower for your business model

In addition to continuous process and cost optimisation as well as an increasing focus on international growth markets, the automotive industry must also master the challenges of a transformation to digital technology. Digitalisation is a major change for all market participants. New, non-industry-oriented competitors such as Apple and Google have the digital aptitude and the financial resources to fundamentally change existing market and competitive conditions. Because of this, manufacturers must keep up with the fast-paced development of the digital environment and the rapidly changing desires of customers in order not to fall behind. This does not only pertain to the technical development and integration of software and connectivity services. It is also important to verify existing business models in order to ensure their future viability. In recent years, a change in the self-image of some manufacturers has been observed. With positioning themselves as mobility providers by offering services such as car sharing, these manufacturers are transforming themselves from providers of products to providers of solutions.

Though our many years of experience with automobile manufacturers and suppliers, we have developed an in-depth perspective on the current challenges at hand.  Through our expertise and experience, we can support your business in the observation of market and business model developments as well as trends and innovations, thus giving you an edge on the competition.