Content5's services for the consumer goods industry

Recognise trends and risks at an early stage

In industrialised economies, the consumer goods industry is struggling with weak growth or stagnating growth. This development is further aggravated by a change of demographics; sales markets are being sought in regions with higher growth rates. Similarly, the procurement of raw materials is subject to a dynamic internationalisation trend with the goal of minimising raw material costs and risks. In order to compete with persistent price and cost pressure and not to lose market shares, manufacturers of consumer goods have to act innovatively and pay attention to trends. In addition, manufacturers are faced with an increasingly strict regulatory framework. Especially in the food industry or in cases involving potentially harmful products, a large number of policy initiatives and social demands push for stricter regulations.

With our expertise, we help you to quickly identify emerging trends as well as political and social initiatives, thus enabling you to get ahead of your competitors. We help you in the observation of policy, society, markets, and competitors as well as in the analysis of new products and business models.