The experience of Content5 with companies in the financial and insurance sectors

The suitable solution for every challenge

Since the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis and the insolvency of the investment bank Lehman Brothers in September 2008, the financial industry has been faced with continuous changes. Tightened regulations require greater efforts to remain in compliance. At the same time, the stakeholders need to gain more equity due to increased capital and liquidity requirements. The new regulations are affecting components of the core business, such as proprietary trading in investment banking, and are making it necessary to completely rethink previous business models. Furthermore, financial institutions have been strongly criticised by society and have been forced to reposition themselves with regard to their appearance. Germany's financial institutions also demonstrate how difficult it is to implement such a cultural change. In retail banking, financial service providers and insurance companies are increasingly facing competition due to innovative technology companies (FinTechs).

Content5 has gathered experience in the analysis of diverse issues within the context of different clients. Thus, we are able to react to the complex challenges for your company in the financial and insurance sectors. We would be happy to assist you in the analysis of the market environment, the detection of new trends, and in the continuous monitoring of competition, legal regulations, and policy debates.