Content5's support for companies in the health and pharmaceutical industry

Diagnoses and challenges

While the aging population represents an opportunity for the health and pharmaceutical industry, the industry itself is undergoing a structural change: in the area of ​​research and development, the industry is experiencing an increasing production of generic products due to the expiration of patents. Increasingly, new regulations and strong international competition are also contributing to the pressure. Additionally, longstanding sales and marketing channels must be renewed (keywords: digitalisation, multichannel sales). Particularly relevant to the German health care sector, another issue is a dearth of professionals in this field, a problem with which the sector has already been confronted.

Content5 supports various clients in this industry. Thus, we can provide you with effective support in the search for solutions to these challenges. This can take place within the context of a market environment analysis or by continuously monitoring trends and competitors, legal regulations and policy debates.