The expertise of Content5 with companies in the ICT sector

Mastering challenges in future markets

According to the trade association Bitkom, the German ICT sector (information and communication technology) will employ more than one million people in 2015 for the first time. While the information technology division is growing, telecommunications are struggling with a decline. Some reasons for this include a decrease in consumer prices as well as a decline in traditional telephone services and text messaging. Telecommunication companies cannot yet monetise the increasing use of data in landline networks and mobile networks. Despite these declines in the core markets, network operators have to increase their investments in order to keep up with the competition. A revolution is also underway in the electronics sector: independent devices such as cameras and MP3 players are increasingly being replaced by new functionalities in smartphones and tablets. Beside division-specific challenges, there are also general benchmarks for all market participants. Examples of these include the shortage of specialists and the need for further vocational training as well as the rapid technological transition and questions regarding IT security.

Through its clients from ICT companies, Content5 has gained a deep insight into the industry's current challenges. Our expertise and experience enable us to support your company not only by observing developments in the market and competition but also by monitoring trends and innovations. This will give you an essential competitive edge.