Content5's offer for companies in the machinery and plant construction sector

Maintaining the technological edge

Machinery and plant construction is one of Germany’s industrial pillars. Because of a high export quota, this field is structurally vulnerable to economic fluctuations. Additionally, German machine and plant manufactures are increasingly being faced with international competition, primarily competition from Asia. German and European machine builders must continually invest in their leadership of technology and make their processes efficient and cost effective. Another critical factor in competition is the digital transformation of the products and business processes, a challenge for many of the medium-sized machine and plant builders. Some of these companies have limited expertise and resources to adapt their production and business processes to industry 4.0. Similar to the automobile industry, new competitors from the IT industry are entering the market with the advances of digitisation. Companies should not lose the advantages they have gained through their many years of experience and research.

The professionals at Content5 are familiar with the developments of this sector and have experience in the analysis of sector-relevant questions pertaining to industry and policy. This enables us to work as your partner in order to manage information and to support you with competent knowledge that will contribute to your success.