The expertise of Content5 in the real estate and construction sector

Potential for innovative real estate concepts

Driven by economic and monetary policy uncertainties, German property values have reached new highs. The German construction industry has developed positively over the past few years, and consistent growth is expected in the coming years. The increasing need for the renovation of existing properties contributes to this overall economic development. Around 60 per cent of the approximately 19 million residential buildings in Germany were built before 1979. This ensures that there is great potential for the industry. The focus on energy efficiency and energy conservation provides a further stimulus for economic growth. The networking of homes (“smart homes”) will also play an important role in the future. Companies from outside of the sector such as Bosch, Google, Daimler or Continental Smart Home will enter the market with solutions and product integrations.

Through its many clients in the real estate and construction industry, Content5 has gained a deeper insight into the current challenges facing the sector. Through our industry-specific knowledge and expertise, we can help your company analyse your market and track down new trends (such as smart homes), giving you an essential competitive edge.