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Strategies for training the specialists of the future

The science and education sector plays an important role in times when there is a shortage of specialists, a growing number of students and an increasing transformation towards an information and knowledge-oriented society. Most of the time, public institutions are subject to budgetary pressure from scientific and educational institutions despite facing growing demands. It is necessary to prepare an increasing number of students to work in an information and technology-driven as well as a globalised economy and society. In some cases, qualifications and curricula at schools and universities fail to keep up with the requirements of companies. This is the case particularly in the IT sector, which is critical to the German economy. The increasing digital access to knowledge and information facilitates meeting these challenges to a certain extent. Digital technologies allow cost-effective processes and enable teaching materials to be promptly updated in order to stay current. At the same time, digitisation threatens to surpass the capacities and possibilities of the sector.

Content5 supports major clients in the science and education sector; thus, Content5 is able to demonstrate profound expertise in current issues. Through our expertise and our analytical competence, we can support you through these challenges.