The offer of Content5 for the service industry

Interdisciplinary expertise for specific challenges

In developed industries, a large part of added value can be attributed to the service industry. Services are used in all sectors, such as production companies, health care, social services, property, housing and trade. Above all, the so-called corporate services are important for Germany with its strongly developed industry. These services contribute to the success of the industrial added value. The service industry is being altered by the challenges of digitalisation across all industries. Digital technologies influence the business model and process workflows. As a result, the existing market equilibrium is currently undergoing changes. No longer is knowledge of the sector the only factor that matters. Access to the customer via digital channels is playing an increasingly important role. Service providers who do not actively respond to these changes and who do not adapt to the new market conditions are at risk.

At Content5, we address the challenges of digitalisation across the various industries and have a broad range of expert knowledge. In this way, we are familiar with both cross-industry problems such as the transformation of business models and sector-specific challenges, such as the development, embedding and networking of smart services within the customer's digital ecosystem.