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Providing relevant and correct information in response to specific questions and problems - this has been our primary motivation since Content5 was founded. We rely on customised and systematic research processes which lets our customers - companies and institutions – clarify background information, closely follow developments and understand contexts. This creates a valid basis for strategic decision-making. 

Thanks to our many years of working at the interface between business, politics and science, we are also used to thinking differently and constantly developing new perspectives. This also enables us to quickly verify information and draw the right substantive conclusions.

This comprehensive approach has let Content5 develop into one of the leading knowledge service providers in the German-speaking world since 2002.


Markus Hoffmann founded Content5 AG in 2002 together with two partners aiming to professionalise and optimise knowledge services and knowledge process outsourcing. As a business and psychology graduate, he has been managing the company with a keen eye and a solid instinct ever since.

Pencil drawing of Markus Hoffmann
Pencil drawing of Nadja Schorowsky

Nadja Schorowsky joined Content5 in 2006. With a degree in administrative sciences, she is a perfect example of how strong research skills and interdisciplinary thinking form the basis of C5’s work. As a member of the management team, she is responsible for Intelligent Services and Human Resources.

Research Team

At the heart of our company are our skilled research analysts, who come from varied academic backgrounds. Their diverse expertise helps us consider issues not just from one point of view, but from multiple perspectives. Depending on the scope of the assignment, we build dedicated teams that bring to the table the required industry expertise and language skills. This also guarantees that we always deliver tailor-made research.


C5 Network

In addition, we have built up an international network over the years which supports us in particular with special language skills and country-specific information. This lets us routinely handle even unique or rare requests.

The Content5 team with about 20 persons.
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Research & Analysis

Research is the cornerstone for all intelligence services that we offer in the Research & Analysis division. Our services range from concise market and competitor reports to stakeholder maps and comprehensive context analyses.

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Monitoring & Reporting

With our ongoing monitoring and reporting, you can recognise changes and trends in the market at an early stage and respond proactively. To do this, we keep a constant eye on your business environment, the media landscape and political and regulatory processes.

Paper boats ride on a paper base.
Fact-Based Storytelling

Do you want to persuade people with objective facts instead of pure PR speak and support your position with clearly presented arguments? We can deliver relevant content, strike the right tone, and finalise texts following your editorial specifications and IT parameters that may result from different editorial systems.

People work together to solve a puzzle.
Data integration & consolidation

The key skills that make up Content5’s core competence in data integration and consolidation are our ability to link and combine data, verify information and systemically structure our work to present linguistically and stylistically adept results. The data that we process is valuable to assessments and can be put to use as input for AI tools. 

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Reputation & Compliance

Reliable third parties that conduct themselves with integrity are an important factor for your success. To eliminate risks, Content5 offers company and contacts research for various purposes. We continuously comply with legal frameworks and accepted industry standards.