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Research & Analysis

Research is the cornerstone for all intelligence services that we offer in the Research & Analysis division. Our services range from concise market and competitor reports to stakeholder maps and comprehensive context analyses.

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Monitoring & Reporting

With our ongoing monitoring and reporting, you can recognise changes and trends in the market at an early stage and respond proactively. To do this, we keep a constant eye on your business environment, the media landscape and political and regulatory processes.

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Fact-Based Storytelling

Do you want to persuade people with objective facts instead of pure PR speak and support your position with clearly presented arguments? We can deliver relevant content, strike the right tone, and finalise texts following your editorial specifications and IT parameters that may result from different editorial systems.

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Data integration & consolidation

The key skills that make up Content5’s core competence in data integration and consolidation are our ability to link and combine data, verify information and systemically structure our work to present linguistically and stylistically adept results. The data that we process is valuable to assessments and can be put to use as input for AI tools. 

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Reputation & Compliance

Reliable third parties that conduct themselves with integrity are an important factor for your success. To eliminate risks, Content5 offers company and contacts research for various purposes. We continuously comply with legal frameworks and accepted industry standards.