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Research & Analysis

Do you need to know how a specific market is developing, how your competitors are positioned or whether new challenges are emerging? Contact us with your specific needs and we will provide you with a customised result - in the form and depth that you need. Our portfolio ranges from ad hoc research for time-sensitive inquiries to detailed context analyses. Our work is always based on systematically researching information according to proven methodological standards - objectively and transparently.

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An overview of some of our services: 

  • Company Research: Do you need a more detailed picture of a company or organisation? We look at the factors that are of particular relevance to your business - from their structure and strategic orientation to specific aspects such as innovative capacity and public perception. 
  • Competitor Analysis: Insights are one thing. However, you can only see the full picture when you know a company’s competitive standing. We help you to obtain a comprehensive overview of which competitors are active in a market and what their strengths and weaknesses are.  
  • Market Analysis: What are current market trends in a specific sector and what is the market potential for a particular product? Are there any emerging developments or political/regulatory changes that could affect your business in the future? These are just some of the aspects that are covered in a market analysis.
  • Stakeholder Analysis: For major projects, it is particularly important to know which issues determine public opinion and which stakeholders are behind them. Our stakeholder analysis focuses on all relevant interest groups, their agenda and their influence. It is often part of a more comprehensive context analysis.
  • Policy Analysis: At its core, the policy analysis looks at which actors and networks are crucial for a particular policy field, how they act and what they aim to achieve. We use this to create a reliable basis for better classifying and evaluating political and regulatory projects.