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Data integration & consolidation

It is common that our clients have a lot of data that is not systematically structured or processed with a target audience in mind. Do you find that the intended target audience (both internal and external) must navigate through countless fragments of information because the data in question has not been combined? Maybe there are gaps in the existing data that need to be identified and bridged? Are you unsure whether your data is factually accurate and properly structured?

Content5 has the expertise to resolve these issues. Reach out to us! We will help you find a solution that will let you make use of your data.

People work together to solve a puzzle.

We offer the following services:

  • Standardisation: We take on the editorial management of your data and can standardise internal databases, public databases and more. We are familiar with different types of databases and editorial systems, so we can take your preferred conventions and practices into consideration.
  • Consolidation: We identify existing data and compile it, making it visible to you and your target audience and enabling the further use of it. When it comes to formatting, language choices or even the use of software tools like PowerBI and SharePoint, we’ll adapt to your wishes. Throughout the process, we are open to maintaining an open dialogue with you or simply following your guidelines.
  • Research: If your existing data is missing specific details or information, that is not a problem for us. We will conduct the research to fill this gap or identify a suitable subcontractor to supply this information.
  • Structuring: If you implement AI in your processes or your work is supported by automated data analyses, we also carry out the necessary preliminary work to support your use of these tools. This way, all existing data can be used to feed these tools with structured and factual information, instead of going to waste.
  • Verification: Do you rely on AI tools to research and generate content? Get in touch with us to have these results examined for factual accuracy. This way, you can be sure that your use of these tools doesn’t result in being misled.

We are also equipped to take care of any time-consuming or complex projects, acting as a point of contact for all involved parties (e.g. data suppliers, external IT service providers). You’ll no longer have to worry about completing these tasks.