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Fact-Based Storytelling

This is our storytelling: fact-based, objective and customised to your target group and business situation. Fact-based and objective, because our work is grounded in intensive research. Customised, because we are used to finding the right style for different target groups, implementing existing editorial specifications and working flexibly in different IT environments. Our storytelling can also be applied to existing texts: We correct, proofread and edit. 

Paper boats ride on a paper base.

What distinguishes our fact-based storytelling: 

  • As an information service provider, research is our speciality. That's why all our texts are based on verifiable information and we don't get deterred by information overload. We know how to absorb and process data and filter out only what’s essential for your project, be it the current state of technology, trends or statements from key players or whatever your focus is.
  • We work on your behalf and have no consulting interests of our own. We are also not rooted in just one industry. Therefore, acting independently and with an outside perspective is part our contribution to your projects. This allows us to discover perspectives and positions that you can then develop for your lines of argument.
  • Not only do we focus on your needs, but we are also flexible and adaptable: We choose the style that best resonates with your target group. IT specifications can also be taken into account, such as character limits or text structures. We can work closely with your team to develop individual specifications.
  • Reworking texts is also in our repertoire. We can revise texts lightly, i.e. only correct them so that they are linguistically correct or fit technical parameters such as character limits. In addition, we can also proofread and edit your texts and work on their style or coherence.