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Reputation & Compliance

Working with a new service provider or business partner often brings new ideas and opportunities - but also potential risks if, for example, there is a possibility that your internal company guidelines will not be followed. These risks should not be ignored but instead analysed in advance. Content5 provides you with the information you need - from collecting data that can feed directly into your compliance management tool to complete integrity checks and risk reports. As we always operate within the legal framework and accepted industry standards, and work with absolute transparency, our results are reliable and legally compliant.

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Specifically, in the area of Reputation & Compliance, Content5 offers you:

  • Business Partner Screening: We analyse corporate ownership structures for risks to your business. Is a company on a sanctions list or maybe an involved person? Or are PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) involved?
  • Supply Chain Management Research: Companies are already obligated to exercise due diligence in their global supply chains and the requirements are likely to increase. In our research, we scrutinise your supply chains and show you their risks when complying with these obligations.
  • Reputation Analyses: Especially when a company wants to quickly move forward with a new business relationship, it is worth taking a closer look: How is the other company positioned and how is it rated by its peers? Can it be categorised as a reliable partner? Our reputation analysis can offer clarity. We comprehensively screen media to provide you with a thorough examination of a company’s business practices and their external perception and image.
  • Adverse Media Monitoring: Depending on the specific case, it may be advisable to check media coverage not just once, but on an ongoing basis. This is because negative reports in particular can rapidly develop into a risk for your company, business partner or supplier. Our regular monitoring lets us keep a constant eye on the media landscape for you so that you can react quickly if necessary.