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Background Checks on Potential Business Partners

Do future international business partners pose a reputational or an economic risk? Content5 frequently prepares background checks on individuals and companies for a client in the consumer goods industry. Our input contributes towards a comprehensive pre-screening of our client's potential distribution partners. 

We look into ownership structures, further examining media publications and social media posts regarding companies and individuals to understand their reputations. Political networks of the owners and managing directors make up an additional part of the screening.

A challenging aspect of this background check is that some of the companies and individuals in question have never been in the public eye before. Our research for these screenings must also span across all applicable languages to draw on local sources. We are able to ensure this through our C5 network. 

The goal of this screening step is to identify red flags and find indications of any existing risks. Our client can then use this to decide whether they would like to continue the screening process.

A world map shows possible connections with arrows and pins.