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Compliance Audits of Companies and Locations in a Highly Regulated Industry

Do potential business partners (companies and individuals) meet the regulatory requirements that are enforced in our client's industry? Are business locations compliant with current laws? Our client operates in a heavily regulated industry and our systematic audits help them navigate these questions. 

We use a multi-level approach when analysing the companies and individuals. We investigate the structure of the companies and individuals and draw up an overview of their ownership and management structures. We also check that the companies and individuals hold all the documents that are needed to meet the regulatory requirements, ensuring that the filings are complete. Lastly, we monitor press reports and use social media to determine whether potential business partners engage in any activities that could tarnish our client’s reputation.

When it comes to checking proposed locations we review several factors, some of which are specifically defined by legal requirements. The reputation of a location is also established via press reports and social media.

We rely on a standardised system to weigh all these data points to determine a risk score for our client’s potential business ventures, whether that be a company, an individual or a location. In the end, our client receives a realistic picture that they can use to assess whether a business connection should be initiated or a specific location should be established.

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