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Context Analyses for Construction Projects

There are some who would like nothing more than to see the start of a major construction project. Be it to improve local amenities, build needed housing or create local jobs. At the same time, there are always stakeholders who are opposed to the project and want to prevent it. In order not to jeopardise or severely delay the project, they also need to be involved in the process.

This is precisely where Content5's context analyses come into play. We regularly draft these for a strategic consulting firm that specialises in contentious construction and infrastructure projects. We take the frequently-cited 360-degree approach seriously and illuminate all aspects that could be relevant to the construction project.

  • Processes: For example, we look at the history of a site or how the municipality developed the permit process for the respective area.  
  • Topics: Traffic is always a focal point in this field; after all, a dreaded increase in traffic is often a source of criticism of new building plans. Environmental protection, nature conservation and sustainability also play a major role, as does the development of the community(ies) concerned.
  • Stakeholders: Does the construction project have supporters who can be approached and won over to become ambassadors? Have opponents of the construction project already emerged and what are their arguments? Are there still undecided stakeholders who could also oppose the project at any time? Our stakeholder analysis is dedicated to these factors.
Lively shopping center with several floors

As a result, our customer receives an overview that shows how their future project could fit into a given environment. Difficult topics, but also positive aspects, are already known in advance, and people and institutions that need to be involved and could speak out in favour of or against the project are also illuminated. Using this as a basis, our client creates a communication strategy for the respective building project with the aim of involving the stakeholders so that the developer can implement their project on time.