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Analysis: How Do My Competitors Structure Their Innovation Management?

This was the main question of a competitor analysis that Content5 conducted for a client active in the consumer electronics sector.

In order to break down the rather complex issue, we split the topic of innovation management into various categories: 

  • Organisational integration of business units concerned with innovation 
  • Allocation of resources to innovation areas
  • Innovation mindset 
  • Predominant strategic goals of the innovation management system


This systematisation enabled us to analyse the innovation management of individual companies specified by the client and to compare these companies with each other. The research results were prepared in a comprehensive data set. This included an overview document with the key findings as a management summary, a full information document with all the results in detail, and a supplementary document with all sources and further references.

As a result, our client gained a detailed insight into the innovation management of its competitors. The findings can now be used by the strategy department to review and, if necessary, optimise its own processes.

A woman is brightly lit because she has an idea. The people around her remain in the dark.

By the way: The analysis is also a prime example of how our international network can be activated spontaneously. The research was conducted not only in English but also in the business language of the respective competitor. These were Chinese, Korean, Turkish and Italian, among others.