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Scientific Literature Research: Effects of Digitalisation on Employees

Does a universal scientific definition of digitalisation exist? What is the state of digitalisation in German companies? And: How does digitalisation affect the perceived burden experienced by employees? These questions were the focus of an analysis conducted by Content5 for an accident insurance company.

As a basis for the analysis, Content5 researched studies published in German or English over the past three years and which focus on Germany. Using a multi-stage research process, Content5 identified almost 100 suitable studies and, according to defined criteria, evaluated them clearly and comprehensibly. In the final analysis, we condensed these individual evaluations and answered the outlined core questions. Research gaps were also identified. 

The client is now up to date with the current state of research. Through the identified research gaps, Content5 has also worked out for the client where more research is needed and where their own research work can begin.

A woman is doing research in a library.