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All Relevant Political Info at a Glance: Newsletter for an IT Company

An internationally established IT company has found itself on the periphery of quickly developing geopolitical events which could result in digital and IT security policy issues being significantly tightened.  The changes can be initiated at both EU and national level. Therefore, any public political information related to the regulation of digital policy that would be pertinent for the company and its stakeholders is needed on a weekly basis. 

We start by accumulating all necessary sources, including official government websites like those of the EU Commission or the German Interior Ministry, media publications and related social media channels. We will then summarise our findings by condensing and identifying the relevant common theme, for example of an EU regulatory document, a story published by the Financial Times and a state leader's social media feed. This information combined will offer a much deeper insight into digital policy that otherwise might be hidden from our client. 

Once we have collected all relevant data, our analysts create and edit a newsletter – detailed and at the same time to the point, so that the customer is informed about all relevant discussions and developments at a glance.

A person sits in front of many screens that show different reporters.