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International Competitor Monitoring for a Leading Car Manufacturer

Which new products are my competitors launching in the aftermarket? Who is cooperating with whom? Is a new player projected to enter a market? Content5 keeps an eye on these and several more issues on behalf of a leading car manufacturer, through a Competitor Monitoring across six international markets. 

For this project, we do not just rely on search algorithms, but manually filter through the mass of information, using primary sources, and leveraging our international language skills in our work. It is important that we always keep an eye on the overall context, not just the buzzwords. This allows us to spot the important news that have not yet been published in the trade media, or that a web crawler would have missed. Our expertise in many languages allows us to look beyond just the English and German language publications, including important news published in other languages. Our client appreciates our leading edge and ability to think outside of the box in this regard. It is one of the main reasons why this service has informed their decision-making for many years.

Not only do we find the news, but we also precisely summarise the information we have gathered, in a way that is tailored specifically to our client and their needs. This is an extra step that an AI tool cannot take. Our end product for this client is a punctual, monthly selection of well-formulated news that are ready for internal use, but also any further distribution.

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