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Trend Reports for an International Multi-Technology Company

What sets multi-technology companies apart? Most importantly, they are active in many sectors and therefore have to keep an eye on all the trends and new developments across the board. For example, our client’s product portfolio ranges from the aviation and robotics sectors to the oil and gas industry. Although the key account managers are experts in their field, the strategy department simply lacks the resources to record and analyse all relevant news across all sectors and keep the big picture in mind.

This is where Content5 comes in. We use a multi-step approach to conduct a monthly competitor and key account monitoring. We focus on news that contain information on relevant business, strategic or product-specific developments. We also screen the trade press and specific industry portals for trending topics or current sector surveys.

If our subsequent assessment reveals a pattern in the company and industry reports, this is recorded and included in our evaluation. The same applies if it becomes apparent that a competitor or key account is implementing specific measures in order to react to a trend. In the final step, we identify correlations and capture the key points in a trend report. Now our client can keep an eye on the new developments within the market and recognise whether competitors and key accounts are already reacting to them.

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