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Risk and Opportunity Assessment for Successful Strategic Consulting

Although we primarily conduct research and summarise facts, we also take our services a step further by interpreting our findings when required. This creates a more comprehensive picture which is especially critical to infrastructure projects. Our work here consists of outlining the risks and opportunities that can be managed with effective communication strategies for individual infrastructure projects. Information on the context and specific stakeholders is highly valuable to our client, a consultancy firm, that relies on our input for their strategy.

Our work is often grounded in guiding questions like these:

  • Which issues could arise during the course of a project and could these issues slow its progress?
  • Which stakeholders are critical of a project and which stakeholders could become opinion leaders?
  • Are there any unpredictable factors or uncertainties that could influence a project’s planning process?


Our assessment of these associated risks and opportunities can inform the scope of their communication strategy and lets our client refine their messaging. Our client can further use our analyses to draw attention to potential challenges, which might impact costs and timelines, ahead of time. However, it is not just about taking preventive measures. The project developers can also make use of the outlined opportunities to help heighten public support and win over vocal proponents.

A woman advises another woman in a business environment.

In this way, our assessment of risks and opportunities can be a key element to the seamless execution of infrastructure projects.