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City Profiles: Informing the Target Audience and Search Engine Optimisation

Our client is building a new website that is search engine optimised to bring higher traffic to the page. In addition, users should find valuable information. Our job: presenting 100 German cities in short, yet entertaining profiles comprised of written text and carefully selected images.

In this case, our client’s target audience are prospective international students, which significantly shapes the content and information included in each profile. The client calls for an informal tone that engages and entertains this target audience. Each city should read as liveable and possible drawbacks that an international student may face, should not be masked. The content is researched to be up-to-date at the time of writing; however the text is written to stay relevant, as the client does not want to review and update the information constantly.

Each profile is available in both English and German language. These two versions are not simply translated word for word, but rather composed with all the stylistic features that a native speaker would be familiar with. This is an edge we have over automatic translation tools, which cannot currently achieve this. We take the website’s graphic design into account, which establishes a character limit. The input by the SEO consultant at our client’s IT agency is also considered. Lastly, we illustrate each city’s profile with suitable image material that we choose, or request from specific databases and city officials.

Skyscrapers of a city in detail