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Automotive Retail: Convincing Customers with Special Insights

The relations between automotive manufacturers and their retail network can be fraught with tension. At the same time, both sides share the goal of offering potential customers the best possible product and first-class customer service. First-class service is distinguished by sound pre-sale consultations and advice. Some automotive manufacturers take their guidance further than providing plain product sheets and offer extra details and knowledgeable insights that can give their car dealers a boost in their sales pitch to customers.

This is precisely what Content5 provides on behalf of a leading car manufacturer. We produce content on special technical features or configuration options and topics like in-car gaming or sustainability – presented in the form of a readable and engaging item. Combined with the typical product brochures and descriptions, these magazine-like stories offer car dealers additional information on specific topics which helps them see the bigger picture.

We take care of the entire project – from drafting the editorial plan to conducting research, writing copy and taking responsibility for content management and the final review.

A car is stuck in a traffic jam or in heavy traffic.