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Information across Five Markets in One Tool: Our Advertising Reporting

What advertising campaigns are my main competitors executing? What channels do they use, who are their targets and how much money do they spend on marketing? Content5 gathers this information for an international retailer across five geographic markets, collecting them in one online tool. Here, broadcasted advertisements are displayed using an image and a direct link to its source. Furthermore, we offer evaluations of statistical data, such as the share of advertising or media split which are conveyed in tables and charts with numerous filtering options. Specific access rights control which data is made available to users and who can edit this further, when necessary. In addition, users are automatically informed about new developments through an individualised newsletter service.

The customer gains comprehensive insight into the advertising activities of their top competitors, seeing where they stand in comparison. Our client is able to access this information all at one glance, with just one login and one contract with us - we coordinate the rest.

In this project, Content5 provides the complete package: from selecting suitable data suppliers, to processing and standardising data and the administration of the database. We also train the client on the optimal use of the database and its content.

You can see various graphics on a tablet. A person, whose hand is all you can see, rates them or looks at them.