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Seamlessly Informed: Monitoring Official Gazettes for a Transmission Operator

A national transmission operator repeatedly noticed that they are not well or timely informed about local processes such as urban land-use planning and major road works, or that municipalities have simply not involved the operator in a process. These proceedings are published by municipalities, cities and districts in official gazettes or as online notices. But how can the transmission operator react if they are unaware of these important happenings?

To close this knowledge gap, Content5 works with this transmission operator to set up a customised monitoring of official gazettes and announcements from municipalities and districts. As part of this monitoring, we continuously screen the documents and announcements, which are all published on different websites and at different intervals. We identify relevant happenings and upload these to a SharePoint-based document database, which was developed in close coordination with our client. We rely on our customer's precise guidelines that set out which information is relevant and also verify geographical relevance using a geodata tool.

This monitoring reliably informs our customer about pertinent political events in specified regions. It further forms a basis for our client’s timely intervention when political decisions are projected to affect business interests.

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