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Combining Data to Create a New Web Portal for Prospective International Students

Our client has all the information its target audience of prospective international students needs. However, the relevant data about available programmes, entry requirements and scholarship opportunities are not systematically grouped or easy to find. Prospective international students need to do their own, time-consuming research, using different websites and databases to get the full picture. 

This project aims to overcome this problem by combining all information in one easy-to-access web portal. Here, the target audience can find all available information which is continually expanded and kept up-to-date. Content5 is closely involved in the conceptual development of the database and in curating and managing the content. As part of this project, we monitor and analyse comparable web portals from similar bodies to best inform and advise our client on the continued development of the product. Furthermore, Content5 actively assess how our client’s existing information can be put to use in the new database structure. If necessary, we adapt and restructure existing data, and research new content to improve the utility of the web portal. We make it a point to coordinate with our client’s external IT provider to conceptualise future feature roll-outs. 

By maintaining and continually updating the content, we make sure that the database remains useful and up-to-date for our client’s target audience.

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